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Many customers choose to paint their own wood fence after installation.   To keep your wood fence looking good, it is important that it is properly cared for. 

Zion Fence can apply a high-quality stain/sealant soon after the installation (after the wood has had ample time to dry). We will use a product that has both a UV protectant for damage from the sun as well as a water repellant. 

 We recommend that you apply a sealant annually the first two years to provide adequate protection, and then apply as needed thereafter (every 3-5 years). Adjust sprinkler heads so they do not hit the fence directly, as this will cause hard water stains to appear on the fence. If staining does occur or if the fence becomes discolored or grey for any reason, a high-pressure washer with 3000psi can be used to clean the fence. This will leave the fence looking new & ready for staining/sealing. 

 Zion Fence offers these services with installation, or for repainting your fence to make it look new again later. Just ask us for a quote!