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Q... What is the warranty on a Vinyl Fence?

A... The warranty on the fence is a Limited LIfetime Warranty. What this means is that for as long as you are the owner of the property, the fence will be covered from fading, chipping, peeling, cracking and blistering. . The limited part of the warranty  is referring to the transfer of the warranty. If you decide to sell your home, the next homeowner can pay a one time transfer fee of 100.00 and resume the exact same warranty in their name. 

Q... Are all vinyl products the same?

A... No, there are many factors that contribute to having a quality product. One of those is called Titanium Dioxide. Basically this is a chemical that is added to the vinyl and acts as a sunscreen to keep the materials from fading. If you have ever looked at a tan vinyl fence and notice how some of the slats are darker than others or how some slats are 3 different shades of tan... this is because the pigment they use lacks titanium dioxide. The main factor that separates the quality of a vinyl fence is its strength. If the thickness of a post is too thin the fence can blow over in high winds. If the thickness on the slats are too thin the wind will blow them out. 

Q... What is the installation warranty on a Vinyl Fence?

A... Zion Fence warrants to the original purchaser/homeower that its vinyl fence products will be free from any defects resulting from improper installation for as long as you own the home. This warranty does not apply to or provide protection against any misuse, abuse, fire, earthquake, flood, lightning, hail, ice, hurricane or tornado and while we are naming acts of God lets not forget if a volcano happened to pop up in your backyard. This warranty also does not include settling of the ground, damage caused by vehicles or children such as baseballs or rocks. 

Q... What is the warranty on a Cedar Fence?

A... Because Cedar is a natural product, it does not carry a material warranty. However a property installed and maintained cedar fence should last 15+ years.

In order to keep your wood fence looking good, it is important that it is property cared for. Apply a high quality stain/sealant soon after installation (after the wood has had time to dry). Use a product that has both U.V. protectant for damage from the sun as well as a water repellant. Generally, a sealant with pigment (as opposed to a clear sealant) will last longer. We recommend that you apply a sealant annually the first two years to provide adequate protection and then apply as needed thereafter (every 3-5 years or as needed).

Also, make sure to adjust sprinklers so they do not hit the fence directly, as this will cause hard water stains to appear on the fence. If hard water stains does occur or if the fence becomes discolored or grey, a high pressure washer can be used to clean the fence. This will clean the fence and leave it looking new and ready for staining/sealing. 

Q... We recently had a quote done by Zion Fence, how long is it good for?

A... Quotes given by Zion Fence are guaranteed for one full year. We like to give our customers all the time they need to make decisions. Some of our competitors will lead you to believe that if you don't hurry up and decide today the prices will be higher tomorrow. In their case this may be true but rest assured you have have plenty of time to think about your financial investment with Zion Fence.