Your Neighbors ~ Payments ~ Financing

Questions and Answers


Q... How come some of my neighbors gates have the hinges on the outside and other have the hinges on the inside?

A... The answer to this question is that whichever side the hinges are on the gate will swing. Some gates will need to have the hinges on the outside such as double drive gates. 

Q... My neighbor wants to pay for their portion of the fence, can they pay you directly?

A... Unless Zion Fence has a contract signed by them then the answer is no. You are responsible to pay the amount on your contract and your neighbor will need to pay you. If however Zion Fence has a contract with your neighbor and is doing fence for them as well, then yes we can take payments from them and save you the step.

Q... What forms of payment do you take?

A... Check, Cash, Venmo or Paypal are all accepted. Credit cards are also accepted, but we charge an additional 3% service charge to cover merchant processing fees.

Q... Do I have to pay for my fence up front?

A... We take a 50% deposit at your Pre-construction walkthrough, and the final payment will be due upon completion of the project. 


Q... Do you have financing available? 

A... We do not offer In-House financing with exorbitant interest rates, but we have established a partnership with America First Credit Union. Every Spring we shop interest rates and each year AFCU ends up being the best choice for our customers. You can use any bank or credit union you would like however if you feel their service fits your needs best.  Click here to link to AFCU website loans.